Timelines™ - Data gathering for teams

Timelines: Data gathering for teams

Timelines gathers data on any device and provides instant reports and automated follow ups.

Who is it for?

Research Teams

Research can be conducted by multiple people in the field with differing levels of access, such as locations or users. Site checklists make sure the same process is completed at every location.

Mental Health, Health and Disability Services

Run powerful intervention programs with your participants. As consumers and staff complete forms you can generate automated follow ups, instant charts or email alerts using powerful rules.

Professional Development

Run sophisticated training programs online or face to face. Users are rewarded as they progress and receive reminders to complete modules. Trigger timed followup modules automatically.

Key Benefits

Engage Users

Simple forms make data entry easy and consumers happy. Runs on iOS, Android and the web.

Empower your Team

Instant reports allow in-session feedback and a powerful overview you can share with the participant. Gain valuable 1-on-1 time by providing access in the waiting room or before appointments.

Enhance your Service

Create custom dashboards for business processes, export charts, and trigger alerts, reminders and content based on powerful rules you define. Real-time insights for managers and administrators.

How it works

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