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Choose the best data gathering forms for your service. 


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Turn passive surveys into an active part of your service delivery.

Gather forms, evaluations or feedback on any device, then review instant reports and dispatch automated follow ups.
Designed specifically for people with disabilities or mental health conditions, their support organisations and services.

Timelines on all devices

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For Mental Health and Disability
Service Delivery and Research

Principles of Recovery Oriented Software (R.O.S.)

The principles of recovery oriented software are relevant to mental health and disability services and should ensure that online tools are delivered in a way that supports the recovery of mental health consumers, the elderly and the disabled.

The software you use for service delivery should…

… customise the experience to the individual

… run on the consumer’s device of choice

… provide a means for the consumer to access the reports and information generated

… provide security and privacy of information

… enable ongoing feedback and communication

… provide progress reports

… enable consumers to set preferences

… contain content sensitive to values, beliefs and cultures

… provide better ways to interact with carers, clinicians and peers

… make it easier to share information with recovery partners

… provide clear and consistent alerts and notifications

… use clear language and avoid technical jargon

… provide real-time reports to track progress

… enable consumers, staff and management to assess service delivery

… provide standardised data for use in research and analysis

Timelines™ does this.