Using Timelines

Q: I’m stuck on something. How do I get help?
A: Email support@timelines.team. This generates a support ticket automatically in our system and our support staff receive a ‘ding’ on their phones. Administrators can contact our friendly Timelines gurus directly using the live chat service.

Q: Can I export my data into a third party tool, like SPSS, Tableau or Microsoft BI?
A: Yes, all your reports can be exported in standard CSV format for import into other tools.

Q: I’m running a 3 year study. Can I buy all 3 years at the current prices?
A: Yes, you can purchase as many years as you want in advance, to lock in prices.

Q: What’s the difference between the Timelines App and a branded App?
A: If you opt for branded App, your timelines are published in a separate App, with your branding choices throughout and a separate listing on the App Store and Google Play. Branded Apps require the Premium Plan option.

Module templates and question types

Timelines™ contains a library of modules and a wealth of question types already created for you. We are adding new modules all the time. You can import, export, edit and duplicate modules, making it quick and easy to build up a timeline.

Available modules include:

Psychiatric Evaluation
Client Satisfaction Survey
Your Experience of Service Questionaire
Complaints / Feedback Form
Carer Plan

Available (mobile-friendly) question types include:

Text (Single line)
Text (Multi line)
Vertical radio buttons
Stacked buttons
Horizontal buttons
Checkboxes (multiple selection)
Dropdown (multiple selection)
Nested Checkboxes (multiple selection)
Net Promoter Score
Time since (Days, weeks, months, years)
Image buttons
Self-reflection questions
File download

*Modules are provided for reference only and should be checked, tagged and scored as per your individual needs.

Need something else? Let us know:

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