Timelines™ - Data gathering for teams

How it works

A Timeline enables participants to work through a set of sequential tasks – surveys, videos, forms, etc.

Their responses direct them to rewards, resources, reminders – and generates reports.

Start by acquiring users

Timelines™ contains tools to add participants. You can:

  • Create your own custom signup webpage(s)
  • import a list of users
  • or invite users directly.

Build content modules

A timeline contains content modules you build. Add forms, surveys, videos etc. Show/hide content with rules based on responses, time, location or user-type.

Generate reports

Create custom reports and choose who sees them – participants, staff, managers… everyone can see what’s important to them.

Ideal for discussing face to face with participants, or for reviewing a broader project metrics dashboard.

Reward your users

Timelines makes it easy to provide feedback to users and breaks the cycle of asking for survey completion without reward.

You link resources, reports or new content, based on participant answers – and your participants and will keep coming back.

Engage for longer

Timelines makes it simple to schedule or trigger reminders, based on completion, progress, or time, and can send automated emails or App notifications.

Push content to all devices

You can offer a mobile App experience as part of your study or service. Timelines works on Android, iPhone, iPad Apps and the web.

And you can send instant notifications to all, or selected, users – right on their mobile device.

In your own style

Finally, you can apply your own branding and language throughout your timelines. Add your own logos, icons, colours and headings to build a completely unique and seamless offering.

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